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February 1, 2013

What should I include in my oncology business plan?

Daily Briefing

I’m looking to establish a business plan for our oncology service line that will guide our hospital through the next few years. Are there tools and insights that the Oncology Roundtable can share on this front?

Yes—quite a few, actually.

We’d recommend these resources to start:

Our Oncology Strategic Planning report identifies best practices for elevating the strategic planning process and addresses all major aspects of both developing and executing on your strategic plan.

In addition, the Oncology Roundtable’s book, Next-Generation Tumor Site Strategy, Volume I, offers a step-by-step guide for designing tumor-site centers of excellence focused on elevating your market position.

Finally, the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council’s Oncology Strategic Plan Template provides a template and step-by-step guidance for developing a strategic plan for the oncology service line. Overall, it features four sections: performance analysis, market assessment, strategic plan design and plan evaluation.

For your toolbox

As a complement to our best practice research, the following tools will help give you insight into your patient volumes, projected cancer incidence rates, and your current market share:

The Cancer Incidence Estimator and Market Share Calculator generates current and projected cancer incidence estimates for any geography within the United States and enables users to analyze their market share by tumor and sub-tumor site.

The Oncology Outpatient Market Estimator generates current and forecasted outpatient oncology volume estimates by tumor site for any region in the country.

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