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February 14, 2017

Funny, romantic, and nerdy: Health care valentines are back

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Sam Bernstein, Senior Staff Writer

I love your care variation equation. You do revenue cycle just right. Will you—my dearest Advisory Board—be my #HealthPolicyValentine tonight?

It's that time of year again—Valentine's Day. And while some people will be professing their love to that someone special, health policy wonks are taking to Twitter to declare their (nerdy) love for everything from bundled payments to antibiotic stewardship with the #HealthPolicyValentine hashtag.

Here are the 10 hospitals that get the most overall patient praise on Twitter

The annual Twitter tradition started in 2012 when then HHS staffer Emma Sandoe came up with the idea on her commute home. Sandoe thought "it would be funny to tweet one 'health policy valentine' everyday until Valentine's Day." After Sandoe started she "couldn't stop."

Soon other health care wonks started tweeting their own valentines, and the rest is history. Here are some of this year's best for your reading (and retweeting) pleasure.

A conversation you'll love: How leaders can effectively communicate with staff

Communication isn't just important when dishing out health policy valentines.

Leaders must communicate effectively with frontline staff to ensure they understand your organization's priorities and their role in helping you achieve those goals.

Join us for a webconference on Thursday, February 23rd on how leaders can more effectively communicate with staff—including how to rationalize the pace of changes and new initiatives hitting the front line.

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