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May 16, 2017

Around the nation: Police officers help deliver baby just steps from Brigham and Women's Hospital

Daily Briefing
  • Connecticut: Silver Hill Hospital is collaborating with a local news service, HAN Network, to produce a talk show focused on mental illness and substance misuse. The program, titled "Straight Talk with Tracey," debuted on May 11 and airs live at noon on the second Thursday of every month via the HAN Network. Tracey Masella, a licensed clinical social worker at Silver Hill, hosts the program, which features guests and answers questions regarding mental health care and substance misuse (AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/15).

  • Massachusetts: Kevin Rowley and Sean O'Connor—both police officers in Boston—on Thursday helped a woman deliver a baby just steps away from Brigham and Women's Hospital. The officers said they spotted a car just outside the hospital, and when they went to check on it, they discovered the woman, Haoyan Sun, who was in mid-delivery. Rowley immediately went to the ED to get supplies and personnel, while O'Connor—a former EMT who has previously helped in childbirth—helped the woman complete the delivery and ensured the baby girl could breathe. According to Boston 25 News, the family has written a thank you note to the police department for their help (Morelli, Boston 25 News, 5/14; Betancourt/Prim, NECN, 5/14).

  • Washington, D.C.: The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has tapped Genevieve Morris to serve as principal deputy national coordinator for health IT. Morris, who has worked before with ONC to develop multiple health IT policies, previously worked as the senior director for health IT policy at Audacious Inquiry (Cohen, Becker's CIO and Health IT, 5/13). 

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 Your guide to demystify health care IT jargon

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