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May 22, 2017

Around the nation: Over 100 sickened in possible norovirus outbreak in Ohio

Daily Briefing

An Ohio country club's kitchen has been shut down as officials investigate a possible norovirus outbreak that has sickened over 100 people, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Maine, New York, and Ohio.

  • New York: The city's health department has expanded a rule that since 2008 has required chain restaurants to post calorie counts to apply to any chain convenience store and supermarket that sells prepared foods. Under the new rule, chain restaurants and food retailers are also required to post comprehensive nutritional information for any standard items on their menus, as well as a statement specifying that the daily recommended intake of calories is 2,000. The new rules, which take effect on May 22, will affect around 1,500 food chains and 3,000 restaurants in the city (AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/18).

  • Maine: State lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have allowed the state to select and certify two facilities where individuals could self-administer illicit drugs. Under the bill, medical staff at the facilities would have been able to provide referrals and administer overdose-reversal drugs, if necessary, and they would have been given immunity from arrest or prosecution (AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/18; AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/19).

  • Ohio: The kitchen at the Kirtland Country Club voluntarily shut down on Tuesday amid an investigation by health officials into a potential norovirus outbreak that has sickened over 100 people. Health officials, who are running tests to confirm the outbreak, said they would have results this week (AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/19).

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