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May 24, 2017

Modern Healthcare names the 150 best places to work in health care

Daily Briefing

Modern Healthcare has released its 10th annual unranked list of the 150 "Best Places to Work" in health care for 2017.

Congratulations to Advisory Board members named to the list

The list includes providers, suppliers, and various other firms in the health care industry. Sixty-three Advisory Board members were recognized this year.


Any organization in the United States that works in health care, has at least 25 employees, and has been in business for at least a year is eligible to apply to be considered for the list.

Modern Healthcare then gathers information from the employer's leadership team about the company's different policies, practices, demographics, and benefits. The publication then surveys the company's staff about eight core areas:

  • Leadership and planning;
  • Culture and communications;
  • Role satisfaction;
  • Working environment;
  • Relationship with supervisor;
  • Training and development;
  • Pay and benefits; and
  • Overall satisfaction.

As of now, Modern Healthcare has released their list in alphabetical order. The publication will release the ranked list on Sept. 28 at an awards dinner in Las Vegas during its annual Workplace of the Future conference. The ranked list will also be published as a supplement to the Oct. 2 issue of Modern Healthcare (Modern Healthcare, 5/20; Modern Healthcare methodology, accessed 5/23; Modern Healthcare eligibility requirements, accessed 5/23).

One step toward a great workplace: truly engaged leaders

Organizations won't succeed in today's turbulent market without leaders who are energized and excited by their work.

It's tempting to pursue leader engagement by addressing engagement drivers one-by-one, but this approach can lead to tired, generic solutions. Instead, HR executives should delve into what's behind these drivers.

Check out our infographic to see five solvable leader engagement challenges that executives can and should address today—each with a corresponding strategy and best practices to implement it.

Download the Infographic

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