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July 12, 2017

5 health system CEOs: Senate bill would be 'painful'—so Congress should work with us

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Writing in The Hill, leaders of five not-for-profit health systems called on Congress to work with them to draft health reform legislation that would improve health care quality and ensure U.S. residents keep their health coverage.

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The leaders urged Congress not to pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) as it is currently written, stating that the proposed law would "would make major changes to the Medicaid program and to tax credits to purchase private insurance, significantly reducing the number of people who can access affordable coverage, particularly those who are most vulnerable." For instance, they wrote that the bill's proposal to cap and cut Medicaid "by over $700 billion will mean painful consequences for families confronting diabetes, opioid addiction, a mental health issue, an aging parent [who] needs nursing home care or special services for a child with a disability."

However, the leaders acknowledged that there is "plenty of room for improvement in our health care system." They wrote, "Health care is too expensive, coverage must be more affordable, Medicaid programs must become more innovative and efficient, the individual market must be stabilized, and more payments for health care services must be made through value-based contracts."

The leaders wrote that "the Trump administration and members of Congress [should] work together with [them] to create a health system that always puts people first and never forgets that each of us is only one disease or one accident away from vulnerability."

The piece was written by:

  • Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Health;
  • Richard Gilfillan, CEO of Trinity Health;
  • Rodney Hochman, CEO and president of Providence St. Joseph Health;
  • Kevin Lofton, CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives; and
  • Anthony Tersigni, president and CEO of Ascension (Tersigni et al., The Hill, 7/10; Vartorella, Becker's Hospital Review, 7/11).

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