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August 21, 2017

Weekly review: How to watch today's eclipse safely—and what could happen if you don't

Daily Briefing

Terror in Charlottesville: How UVA Medical Center and other hospitals responded to this weekend's violence (Aug. 21)

A woman was killed and 19 others were injured Saturday when a car drove into a crowd of people protesting a "Unite the Right" rally—an attack that Attorney General Jeff Sessions characterized as "domestic terrorism." Meanwhile, Merck's CEO resigned from a White House advisory council, citing what he regarded as the president's inadequate initial response to the events.

CMS gives 215 hospitals 'five stars' for patient experience. See how yours fared on our map. (Aug. 15)

CMS recently updated its Hospital Compare website with new HCAHPS summary star ratings for 3,504 hospitals.

3 mandatory bundles will likely be canceled, a 4th scaled back: What you need to know (Aug. 16)

On Tuesday afternoon, CMS issued a proposed rule that would cancel three mandatory bundled payment programs, significantly roll back a fourth, and cancel a cardiac rehabilitation incentive payment model. We asked three Advisory Board experts for their key takeaways.

How to watch Monday's solar eclipse safely—and what could happen if you don't (Aug. 17)

On Aug. 21, tens of millions of people will turn their eyes to the sky to watch the solar eclipse—but the extraordinary event poses some (avoidable) risks. Here's what you need to know, including one health system's viral video on how to view the eclipse safely.

The 253 hospitals in the eclipse path of totality—and how they're preparing (Aug. 18)

Millions of people are expected to travel to see the total solar eclipse, and the hospitals in the path of totality and those close by it have been preparing for months, making sure they'll be fully staffed, stocked up on supplies, and ready for a potential onslaught of visitors.

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