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November 6, 2013

How many people have enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges?

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The Daily Briefing team has continued to tabulate early enrollment data from the state-based exchanges (SBEs).

A few key notes to read the chart below:

  • Accounts: More than one month after launch, we've stopped tracking the number of accounts created for each exchange, as it's an imperfect measure of enrollment and interest. (In some cases, the same would-be applicant attempted multiple accounts in an effort to overcome technical problems or simply window shop.)

  • Total applicants: This refers to the total number of applicants included on completed applications through each exchange, a change from our initial decision to list the total number of applications. (We made the change because of considerable inconsistency across the states, in how they were reporting applications.) Our current figure includes individuals who have applied for a qualified health plan or Medicaid; because of the lack of state data, we've cited many of these data points as minimum values. 

  • People who picked a plan/enrolled: This refers to the individual number of people who have picked a plan, although they may not yet have paid their first month's premium to complete the process. Again, this figure includes individuals who have picked a qualified health plan or enrolled in new Medicaid coverage, with Medicaid enrollees representing a disproportionate percentage of sign-ups so far. And remember the key difference between people who have "picked a plan" and "enrolled."

Through data compiled November 6: Based on the numbers that states are choosing to share, we counted at least 195,227 people who had successfully picked a plan or enrolled in Medicaid coverage through the 15 state-based exchanges. And including those folks, at least 485,026 people had applied for coverage, too.


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