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Managing Director


Ashley Ford

Experience & Background

Ashley Ford is the Managing Director of Advisory Board International Research and a global expert on international health policy and healthcare delivery transformation. With more than a decade at the Advisory Board, Ashley leads our global research for more than 400 health care provider, commissioner, and planner organisations across more than 35 countries.

Each year, she leads our research division generating the latest insights in population health management, system level assembly and transformation, funding transformation, partnership strategy and disruptive innovation. This is complemented by her work facilitating workshops for C-suite executives all over the world where Ashley brings together, cross-continuum and cross disciplinary groups to work through some of health care’s most pressing challenges. Notable workshops include sessions for public hospitals and private systems in Australia, government organisations including the National Health Service in England and Danish Regions in Demark, provider and commissioning organisations in England, District Health Boards in New Zealand, and both acute hospitals and Local Health Integration Networks in Ontario, Canada.

During her time at The Advisory Board Company, she led our work on clinical business unit strategy including topics such as service line management, strategic planning, technology evaluation, care innovation, and system rationalisation.

Ashley has authored a variety of studies, including Mind The Gap: Managing the Rising Risk Patient Population, The Primary Partnership: Partnering with GPs to Transform Care, Population Health Enterprise: Building the High-Performance Care Management Networking, Navigating the New Era of Technology Assessment and many others. Each year she leads more than 15-20 research projects and conducts hundreds of interviews with executives worldwide.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Ashley worked in pharmaceutical consulting and genomic research at the Venter Research Institute. She received her undergraduate degree in Microbiology, from the University of Tennessee.

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