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A message of hope for 2021

Health care professionals rose to the unrelenting challenges of 2020 with skill, ingenuity, fortitude and compassion—and inspired our researchers with hope about where health care could go in 2021. Watch the videos below to hear about what we’re hopeful for in the areas of innovation, health equity, partnership, and balance.

And as you plan for 2021...

You might be interested in the popular executive briefing that we write at the end of every year, focused on the top things that health care CEOs need to know as they head into the new year. This year’s briefing, titled 16 Things CEOs Need to Know in 2021, reflects on how Covid-19 intensified scrutiny on the industry and prompted conversations about the structural shortcomings of the current system. We examine coverage, affordability, and an emerging focus on resilience.

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Stay connected with our experts in the new year by subscribing to our five star rated podcast, Radio Advisory. Each week we make sense of tough issues in health care—like health inequity, the future of telehealth, and Covid-19 vaccines—and offer guidance as to what you should do next, in 30 minutes or less.

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Finally, we recently launched a discussion series called Stay Up to Date. On most Thursdays from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET, our experts talk through the latest developments facing health care to eliminate uncertainty so that you can focus on solutions. Join the discussion and ask our experts the questions that are on your mind.

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