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Key Takeaways

2021 Cross-Industry Value Summit

What does it look like—and is it possible—to be patient-centric at both the individual and population level?

As stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem strive to advance medical value for patients, a central tension arises between value for the individual and value for the population. Depending on your vantage point, this tension can manifest in wholly different goals, success metrics, and frameworks for assessing the value of medical treatments in the U.S.

David Willis speaking to an audience in a lecture hall
Health care leaders gathered to discuss what “value” means for patients and populations

To examine this tension and encourage more honest dialogue, Advisory Board hosted its second biennial Cross-Industry Value Summit on November 7-8, 2021. The exclusive gathering convened 30 leaders from across the health care ecosystem, including payers, providers, life sciences, tech, advocacy, and other thought leaders.

Scroll down to learn more about the discussions, participants’ biggest takeaways, and what Advisory Board experts found most surprising.

  • 01: Cross-Industry Value Summit Event Recap
  • 02: The Central Tension: Value for Individual vs. Population
  • 03: Defining and Assessing Value for Next-Generation Therapies
  • 04: Rethinking the Clinical Trials Enterprise
  • 05: Changing the Discussion on “Everywhere Care”
  • 06: Debating the Promise and Pitfalls of Clinical AI
  • 07: Shaping the Future—and Value—of Precision Diagnostics

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