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Your development team doesn’t need to return to the office full-time: Here are four alternatives

Development teams have become keenly aware of the benefits and drawbacks of remote work by necessity across the last year. As leaders build their return-to-office plans, they have the chance to re-define team norms around remote work.

Prior to the pandemic, most development teams worked fully in-person. While some leaders have decided to return to this traditional model when it becomes safe and viable to do so, most have found their teams to be equally productive while working remotely and are incorporating at least some level of remote work on a permanent basis.

After speaking to development leaders across the U.S., we’ve identified four alternatives to a fully in-person workplace. Read on to find out how development leaders are integrating remote work into their long-term workforce engagement and retention strategy.

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Work location models
hybrid model
The 4 models 
  • Model 1: Flexible in-person
  • Model 2: Role-dependent
  • Model 3: Opt-in remote
  • Model 4: Fully remote

Final Thoughts

The last year has proven there are very few development teams that need to work in the office all the time. We encourage development leaders to select one of the four models outlined above to maintain the benefits of remote work, while leaving space to take advantage of opportunities for in-person collaboration as needed. If you need further convincing yourself or that of your leadership, stay tuned for our next blog post in which we’ll make the business case and address common misconceptions of remote work. And in the meantime, listen to our experts challenge the fear that remote work leads to lower productivity.

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