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Build the High-Value Cancer Care Team

cancer care team staffing

Cancer care is changing—and program leaders must start considering future staffing needs now and begin making the necessary investments.

This study provides guidance for cancer program leaders to prepare for the future by following six tactics to build a high-value care team.

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What will cancer care look like in 2030?

We are at a time of unprecedented change in cancer care, and ongoing success will require leaders to adapt their strategies to manage shifting demographics, changing reimbursement, and evolving technology.

There are many strategies organizations can deploy to position themselves for success in the future, such as investing in precision medicine or telehealth capabilities. Regardless, the foundation for success is the cancer care team—but most programs take a short-sighted approach to staffing their cancer center, dealing with problems as they arise rather than developing a long-term workforce strategy.

Read more starting on p. 8 about six projections for cancer care in 2030 and how these changes will affect your workforce.

6 tactics to help program leaders build a high-value care team

Make the most of your team

Use technology to extend care team capacity

Manage patients across the continuum

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