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Acuity-Based Infusion Center Staffing Tool

Driven by member supplied inputs, this Excel-based model is designed to assist cancer programs with tracking changes in patient volumes, acuity, and nurse staffing in the infusion center over time.

Given the complexity and unpredictability of infusion center operations, it can be challenging for infusion center managers to determine the staffing required to ensure patient safety, high quality care, and the most efficient use of resources. This problem is exacerbated by multiple trends in oncology, including accelerating growth in patient volumes, increasing patient acuity, and the rising complexity of cancer treatments.

Through the consistent collection of objective data, users of the Acuity-Based Infusion Center Staffing Tool will be able to identify patterns in patient volumes, scheduling, and acuity, analyze infusion center staffing levels, and marshal data to support changes in nurse staffing.

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