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April 2, 2012

Magazine names the world's 25 most beautiful hospitals

Daily Briefing

HealthExecNews recently released its list of the 25 most beautiful hospitals in the world, highlighting facilities across four continents and 11 countries.

For the list, the magazine considered interior and exterior aesthetic features, as well as features and qualities that promote patient healing.

The magazine's top 10 most beautiful facilities were:

See the full list and photos of the winning facilities

According to HealthExecNews, winning hospital designs often included warm woods, nature-inspired elements, soft color schemes, and exterior designs that fit their natural settings.

For example, Sharp Memorial was selected for its numerous patient amenities, including separate elevators for patients, a rooftop garden, and museum-quality paintings. In addition, every patient at the hospital stays in a private room with a pull-out couch to accommodate guests.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's Matilda International Hospital is situated on a peak overlooking the South China Sea. Its "operating theater" features innovative designs that include glass paneled walls, LED lighting, and ceiling pendants (HealthExecNews, 3/15).

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