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January 27, 2017

Around the nation: Nurse who helped deliver baby in flight is reunited with mother

Daily Briefing
  • California: The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) this month expects final approval to build a new research building on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital campus. The new $200 million facility will consolidate 800 researchers who are currently working in nine buildings—many of which don't meet seismic safety standards—into a single location. UCSF hopes to break ground on the new building by spring 2018 (Siu, San Francisco Business Times, 1/24).

  • Florida: In December, Erica Walton went into labor unexpectedly on a flight between Philadelphia and Orlando. Loretta Bledsoe, a nurse at Orlando Health, leapt into action along with two doctors and helped deliver Walton's baby. On Monday, Bledsoe reunited with Walton at Nemours Children's Hospital. "Even though we only knew [Bledsoe and the doctors on the flight] for a short amount of time, we're truly blessed that they're part of our family now," Walton said. The feeling was mutual. "It was great," Bledsoe said. "We just hugged each other really tight and got teary-eyed" (Pelletiere, ABC News, 1/25).

  • Michigan: The Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) says state regulators should expand the role of Medicaid HMOs in delivering mental health services. The group released a statement after the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued a 91-page interim report to the Legislature earlier this month. The report asked that organizations involved in delivering mental health care submit ideas for pilot programs to integrate physical and behavioral health. MAHP says, however, that the report should have been more specific. Dominick Pallone, MAHP's executive director, said, "At the end of the day, the report offers few real solutions and has so far missed an important opportunity to encourage pilot programs that we believe will demonstrate that MAHP members can deliver improved services to one of the most vulnerable groups in our society" (Greene, Crain's Business Detroit/Modern Healthcare, 1/24).

12 things CEOs need to know in 2017

12 things CEOs need to know in 2017

The continued growth of the consumer-driven health care market threatens the durability of patient-provider relationships—and, at the same time, the push toward population health management and risk-based payment is greater than ever.

Hospitals and health systems must adopt a two-pronged strategy to respond to these pressures and serve both public payers and the private sector.

At the core of that strategy? A formula of accessible, reliable, and affordable care that wins consumer preferences and drives loyalty over time. Below, we share 12 key insights for senior executives working to create a consumer-focused health system.

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