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February 6, 2017

Weekly review: How Trump's Supreme Court nominee could affect health care

Daily Briefing

Doctors, hospitals scrambling after Trump's travel ban (Jan. 30)
President Trump's executive order blocking many individuals from seven countries from entering the United States directly affected doctors and researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and Interfaith Medical Center.

Mandatory flu shot policies might be based on flawed research, study suggests (Jan. 31)
Some research used to support mandatory flu shot policies for health care workers may rely on inadequate data and overestimate the risk unvaccinated employees pose to patients, according to a study published Friday in PLOS One.

How Trump's Supreme Court nominee could affect health care (Feb. 1)
President Trump has nominated to the Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch—whom experts described as a "constitutionalist" who could play a role in pending health care cases. The Daily Briefing spoke with experts to explore just how Gorsuch could affect pending and future health care cases.

GOP advances Trump's HHS pick to Senate floor despite Democratic boycott (Feb. 1)
Senate Finance Committee Chair Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said he allowed the procedural maneuver after Democrats for the second day continued to boycott Rep. Tom Price's (R-Ga.) nomination for HHS secretary amid claims that Price misled lawmakers.

Doctors sue Trump administration over travel ban (Feb. 2)
A Cleveland Clinic resident who was barred from entering the United States on Saturday because of President Trump's travel ban filed a lawsuit against the president and his administration on Tuesday, claiming Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officials unlawfully coerced her into leaving the country.

Why some Republicans aren't talking about 'replacing' the ACA anymore (Feb. 3)
Frank Luntz, a Republican consultant and pollster who addressed GOP lawmakers at their recent retreat, said the word repair "captures exactly what the large majority of the American people want."

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