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May 8, 2017

Weekly review: The House just passed ACA repeal. Now what?

Daily Briefing

Toby Cosgrove stepping down as Cleveland Clinic CEO (May 1)
Toby Cosgrove last Monday announced that he will step down this year from the position he has held for 13 years. According to Cleveland Clinic officials, "In keeping with its model as a physician-led institution, Cleveland Clinic's new president and CEO will be a practicing physician."

New CMS patient experience star ratings are out. See how hospitals fared on our map. (May 2)
CMS recently updated its Hospital Compare website with new HCAHPS summary star ratings for 3,499 hospitals.

'Best jobs of 2017': Here's where health care ranked (May 3)
Nine health care jobs ranked in the top 20 jobs on CareerCast's 29th annual Jobs Rated report, which ranked jobs based on work environment, income, projected growth, and stress level.

The House just passed ACA repeal. Now what? (May 4)
In voting 217-213 to pass the American Health Care Act, the House just accomplished something that seemed highly improbable just six weeks ago. Here's what health care executives need to know.

It's a case study straight out of Seinfeld. So how did it get published? (May 5)
John McCool, an editor of scientific writing, had a hunch that the Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal was a "predatory" pay-to-publish journal. So, he decided to submit a paper chronicling a fictional case study based on a popular episode of Seinfeld—and about half an hour after submitting it, McCool received a notification the paper was out for peer review.

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