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May 22, 2017

Weekly review: The next gluten? What you need to know about 'lectins'

Daily Briefing

Hospitals held for ransom: What just happened and how to protect your patients (May 15)
This high-profile ransomware attack, which hit 45 medical facilities in Britain's National Health Service, should be a wake-up call and can serve as a jumping-off point to engage leadership in a serious discussion about cybersecurity.

This cash-strapped hospital's last resort: GoFundMe (May 16)
Copper Basin Medical Center, a critical access hospital in Tennessee, is soliciting donations through a GoFundMe page, with the hopes of resuming inpatient services for the next fiscal year—but as of Monday morning, it had raised only $5,059 toward its $100,000 goal.

The best—and worst—places to practice medicine, according to Medscape (May 17)
Minneapolis ranks first in Medscape's annual list of the best places to practice medicine in the United States, which this year focuses on locations that help providers avoid burnout and live "a calmer and happier life." 

The next gluten? What you need to know about 'lectins' (May 18)
A controversial book and a flashy infomercial alleging that plant proteins called lectins cause obesity and poor health prompted The Atlantic's James Hamblin to examine at the ethics of selling dubious health claims.

The House could be forced to re-vote on the AHCA. Here's the $1B reason why. (May 19)
It's been just over two weeks since the House voted to pass the American Health Care Act, but House Republicans have yet to send their bill to the Senate—and industry experts say the looming Congressional Budget Office score could force a re-vote. 

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