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June 14, 2017

FDA delays revamped food nutrition facts labels

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FDA on Tuesday announced it will delay implementation of a rule that requires food companies to use a revised nutrition facts label on their products.

Under the rule, which was finalized in May 2016, food manufacturers would be required to replace existing nutrition facts labels with new labels that align serving sizes with actual average portion sizes, increase the prominence of calorie counts, and specify the amount of added sugars in products.

The rule was championed by former first lady Michelle Obama and was scheduled to take effect on July 26, 2018. Smaller companies with annual food sales below $10 million had until July 26, 2019 to comply.

FDA in a statement on its website did not specify when would implement the rule, saying, instead, the agency would "provide manufacturers covered by the rule with the necessary guidance from FDA." However, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb described the move as a "time-limited delay to provide more guidance" (Dewey, "Wonkblog," Washington Post, 6/13; AP/New York Times, 6/13; Humer et al., Reuters, 6/13; Meyer, USA Today, 6/13: FDA website, accessed 6/14; Gottlieb, Twitter, 6/14).

How six hospitals launched diabetes management programs

 How six hospitals launched diabetes management programs

As obesity and diabetes rates rise across the country, many hospitals have developed outpatient diabetes centers. The most progressive hospitals have combined diabetes treatment, education, wound care, ophthalmology, and other services into comprehensive programs.

In this briefing, we profiled six leading institutions have successfully integrated outpatient diabetes services into their primary care networks. Read it now to learn how an effectively implemented program can benefit PCPs who may otherwise be unable to provide quality diabetes care to their patients and help your organization set itself apart from the competition.

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