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July 24, 2017

Why NYU Langone Medical Center just changed its name

Daily Briefing

NYU Langone Medical Center as of Thursday has rebranded as NYU Langone Health, Caroline Lewis writes for Modern Healthcare.

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According to Kathy Lewis, SVP for communications and marketing at NYU Langone, the decision was prompted by the health system's recent merger with NYU Lutheran Medical Center. "It just became confusing," she said. "There was a conversation about 'How do we better represent our brand.'"

Debbie Cohn, assistant VP of marketing at NYU Langone, said the health system's "concept in choosing the name 'health' was to create this aspirational branding." She added, "Our end goal is the health of our patients and prospective patients in the communities we serve."  

Rebranding details

Under the rebranding, which NYU Langone developed with Applied Design Works, the health system will use NYU Langone Health as the new umbrella name and logo for all the health system's hospitals and outpatient facilities. The health system also plans to change the names of its core facilities: NYU Lutheran Medical Center, for instance, will be called NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn—a change that the hospital system plans to advertise throughout the Brooklyn area.

Other name changes will be more subtle, according to hospital officials, and all of them are aimed at establishing a consistent brand throughout the system. For example:

  • The Hospital for Joint Diseases will now become NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital;
  • The Cobble Hill ED at the former Long Island College Hospital will now be called NYU Langone Health-Cobble Hill;  and
  • The corporate name NYU Hospitals Center will become NYU Langone Hospitals.

NYU Langone is also in the process of a merger with Winthrop University Hospital, which will be completed by April 2022. Winthrop on its website has already changed its name to NYU Winthrop Hospital.

As part of the rebranding, NYU Langone also will release a new logo for the health system. The new logo is not yet completed, but the system said aside from the font and improved branding consistency, little will change. "Ten or so years ago, we must have had over 20 different logos," Lewis said. "This has been an ongoing effort to really home in on who we are and have a singular brand around NYU Langone" (Lewis, Modern Healthcare, 7/18). 

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