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March 15, 2021

Weekly review: Do mask mandates and restaurant closures help stop Covid-19 deaths? Here's what CDC just found.

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    The top 10 hospitals worldwide, according to Newsweek; the top five reasons why nurses quit their jobs; and more.

    Do mask mandates and restaurant closures help stop Covid-19 deaths? Here's what CDC just found. (Monday, March 8)

    For a new study, CDC researchers examined the association between mask mandates, indoor or outdoor restaurant dining, and Covid-19 cases and deaths in counties across the United States between March 1, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2020. Here's what they found.

    What you can safely do once you're fully vaccinated, according to CDC (Tuesday, March 9)

    CDC last week released long-awaited guidance on what Americans can do after they've been "fully vaccinated" against Covid-19. Here are the activities CDC says are safe for fully vaccinated people—and the restrictions they still need to observe to protect themselves and others.

    The top 10 hospitals worldwide, according to Newsweek (Wednesday, March 10)

    Newsweek recently released its list of "The World's Best Hospitals 2021." See which U.S. hospital took the top spot—and the 42 other U.S. hospitals that made the cut.

    The top 5 reasons why nurses quit their jobs (Thursday, March 11)

    A new study reveals that, of more than 400,000 nurses who quit their jobs in 2018, nearly one-third cited burnout as a reason for leaving. Advisory Board's Katherine Virkstis warns that burnout has only worsened amid Covid-19—and too many nurse leaders are approaching the problem in the wrong way.

    Are you a vaccine 'hunter,' 'shopper,' or 'avoider'? These 3 emerging groups are making it hard to vaccinate equitably. (Friday, March 12)

    It's challenging at the best of times to provide equitable health care to everyone in America—and even harder when vaccine "hunters," "shoppers," and "avoiders" skew who's showing up to get vaccinated. Advisory Board's Rachel Woods and Brandi Greenberg offer strategies for approaching each population to distribute vaccines more equitably.

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