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Change has always defined the health care industry. But today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges and constant shifts that require an effective and nimble strategy. Unfortunately, there are barriers standing in the way, including increased complexity, heightened competition, and more stakeholders.

To help you manage these challenges and achieve success, Health Care Advisory Board cuts through the noise, prepares you for competition, and helps you make the tough decisions you face every day. We serve your executives, strategy team, and board members—both in parallel and together—and ensure that everyone gets the information and intelligence they need to constructively contribute to your strategy.

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What you get with membership

Increased bandwidth

Save time, energy, money, and frustration with our tools, consultations, quick answers, templates, and decision guides.

Networking events

Hear our latest research and connect with other hospital and health system executives at our events and facilitated networking discussions. 

Data and analytics

Get the information you need with our easy-to-use data and analytics, including forecasting tools, market share assessments, performance trends, benchmarks, all-payer data analysis, and investment calculators.

Trusted third party

Get trusted advice from our experts. Our holistic view of the health care industry provides new insight and ideas for your leadership team. 

Deep market intel

Stay apprised of competitive changes before they hit the market with our best practice research, access to experts, and business intelligence capabilities. 

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