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March 26-29, 2023

We hope to see you at ViVE 2023

Advisory Board is going to ViVE 2023—and we hope to see you there! At Advisory Board, we dig into the areas of healthcare that desperately need progress, such as health equity. Join a live conversation about the positive impact that health equity can have on your business with Advisory Board experts at ViVE. Together, we can reimagine healthcare.

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Why making health equity a priority is good for your business

Monday, March 27 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. CST

Recently, the healthcare industry has heavily invested in tools addressing behavioral health, new digital therapeutics, drug development, and clinical trial designs. There has also been a boom in improved digital health tools including asynchronous telehealth and RPM. Despite these advancements, we risk leaving patients behind. Investments in these areas must be centered on health equity, ensuring positive health impacts for all patients. This push for health equity goes beyond altruism; it is becoming a business imperative that will determine future organizational success.

Hosted by Dr. Nick van Terheyden

Presented by Advisory Board experts:

  • Solomon Banjo, Managing Director, Health Care Ecosystem Research & Product Strategy
  • Darby Sullivan, Director, Health Equity Research
  • Ty Aderhold, Director, Digital Health Research

Sticker shock: Managing the condition of chronic cost

Tuesday, March 28 from 4:15–5:00 p.m. CST
Featuring Solomon Banjo as a moderator

How much is your health worth? How much would or should you pay for a life-saving medication? Even though healthcare represents 36% of the total household expenditures, the answer is more than simple dollars and cents. Investigate the drivers of cost and examine the value of healthcare through the eyes of the payers, providers, and patients. Measures and data continue to evolve as administrative claims and clinical data converge. With over 60% of third-party payments being adjusted for measurable worth, value is everybody’s business!

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