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Primary Care Access Benchmarks for Medical Group Leaders

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Patient access to primary care continues to be a priority for medical group executives as patients demand more immediate and convenient appointment availability. Despite this growing mandate for improved access, limited information is available for groups to benchmark their access against.

To inform primary care access improvement strategies, the Medical Group Strategy Council and Physician Practice Roundtable research teams surveyed medical groups from across the country. The results from this survey establish a national set of access benchmarks and provide insights for medical group leaders to attract new patients and secure long-term patient loyalty to the group.

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  1. Even the highest performing medical groups have opportunities to improve patient access to primary care
  2. Many groups fall short of the industry-accepted expectation for access to primary care appointments within seven days
  3. Although groups may have appointments available for new patients, these appointment times often don't align with patient preferences
  4. Medical groups have higher than recommended unused appointment slots, suggesting that groups are operating at reduced capacity despite having appointment availability

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