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The Cardiovascular Landscape in 2021

The year 2020 held the promise of a blank slate for health care leaders, but by early March, that promise dissipated. In a year when the public and political spotlight was already focused squarely on health care, the Covid-19 pandemic fueled the health care market’s evolution.

While bright spots of the past year are worth celebrating, the challenges ahead remain great. Cardiovascular leaders must establish sustainable service line strategies amid transforming payment models, a growing list of new competitors, and innovations in service and care delivery—all in the middle of a pandemic.

The global pandemic and concurrent economic recession in 2020 have created a unique moment for CV leaders and their teams. Successful leaders will understand that their response to the challenges of the Covid-19 era is inextricably tied to their post-pandemic growth. Solving for the problems of the next 12 months should be viewed as an accelerated effort to solve for the problems of the next 10 years.

Read our executive briefing to learn about the four major trends impacting CV service lines in 2021 and the takeaways for each.

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