Exercise Guide

Motivational interviewing role-play workshop

This guide prepares facilitators to lead a role-playing practice session with clinicians on how to use motivational interviewing techniques to engage patients. During the role-play, participants practice using the OARS framework, which employs four techniques for patient engagement: Open questions, Affirmation, Reflective listening, and Summary reflections. The goal of the workshop is to build clinician confidence and skill in using OARS.

Intended audience

Clinicians who interact directly with patients, such as: nurses, physicians, and other clinical caregivers. We recommend limiting attendance to no more than 30 participants.

Time required

Facilitators should allocate 30 minutes to prepare for and two hours to hold the workshop.

Facilitator’s role

Facilitators will demonstrate how to use OARS, guide participants through the role-play scenarios, facilitate discussions, and manage the group’s time.

Materials and set up

Distribute materials per the instructions on pages 2-7 on the Motivational interviewing role-play workshop implementation tool.

For the following documents, print one copy per participant:

For the following documents, print one copy per three participants:

Download the tool

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