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Four keys to maximizing advanced practice provider (APP) ROI

Advanced practice providers (APPs) are a valuable resource to help organizations expand access, better manage patients, and deliver cost-effective care. To maximize ROI, leaders must shift to a centralized strategy for deploying and managing APPs as providers.

Key One

Deploy APPs autonomously to advance strategic goals

Codify autonomous APP roles that support organization-wide goals. Move from physician-driven pilots to a centralized deployment strategy that aligns to the metrics that matter most to group success.

Key Two

Centralize onboarding and clinical training

Invest in an organization-wide approach to onboarding and training APPs. Onboard physicians and APPs together to set shared expectations for your provider workforce. Develop a centralized clinical training program for APPs to streamline physician workload and ensure more consistent skill development.

Key Three

Pay the care team performance-based compensation

Shift APP compensation to more closely mirror physician compensation and align the care team around shared incentives such as productivity, quality, and patient experience.

Key Four

Involve APPs in group governance

Create leadership roles for APPs and give them representation on governing bodies to increase engagement and reduce turnover. Hire a senior APP leader to oversee your entire enterprise.

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