How to scale top medical group initiatives

It is true that change is the only constant—in life and in the health care industry. So it is critical that medical groups have an effective approach to change management. Advisory Board research has found that groups are most successful at implementing and scaling new strategic initiatives when physicians are engaged early and often. But this level of engagement can be challenging, particularly as physicians have limited time and near-endless priorities to juggle.

To accelerate time to impact, we’ve collected eight steps that medical group leaders across the country have used to implement a wide variety of strategic initiatives.

In just five minutes, you’ll get insight into how these groups communicated workflow changes, addressed valid provider pushback, and achieved results with scale and speed. You’ll also read what groups wish they’d know when they first embarked on their initiative and what challenges to avoid.

Download the profiles below to learn how the following medical groups scaled…

  • Online reviewsNorthwell Health Physician Partners started posting patient experience ratings and reviews to public website. Here you’ll find their staged rollout process to allow physicians to preview data before releasing to the public.
  • Online schedulingYosemite Physicians, a pseudonym, rolled out online scheduling across the physician enterprise. Here you’ll find details on their approach to getting physicians on board as they took their pilots to scale.
  • E-visitsSentara Medical Group offers phone-based e-visits to their patients. Here you will find how they engaged a subset of their physicians in delivering these e-visits.
  • Clinical guidelinesCrystal Run Healthcare began its efforts to reduce ambulatory care variation for common chronic conditions in 2011. Here, find how they developed and rolled out clinical guidelines for more than 100 conditions.
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