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Assessing the Case for Concierge Medicine

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Concierge medicine previously catered to a small segment of patients who wanted personalized attention, but is now transitioning to models targeted at various patient groups.

As concierge medicine grows in popularity, medical groups must decide if they want to implement it, and if they do, how to work the appropriate model into their current operations.

Read the white paper to see our assessment of five models of concierge medicine, and get steps for incorporating one of these models into your organization's operations.

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What is concierge medicine and why is it growing?

Concierge medicine is a payment model in which patients pay a periodic fee in exchange for a set of health care services.

The push for efficiency and expanded availability, combined with demand for more personalized health care, has created a service gap that concierge medicine has stepped in to fill. Find out the four types of physicians and consumers most likely to push for concierge practice.

Would concierge care work for my medical group?

Concierge medicine represents a significant revenue opportunity for the medical group, but even the most experienced leaders have made costly missteps. See the key considerations for your medical group as you navigate the most critical decision points in the evaluation process.

Lite? Hybrid? Executive?

As you survey your consumer demographic and explore what other medical groups are doing in concierge medicine, you may have trouble knowing which attributes to take to your organization, and which to leave behind. Find out the four critical attributes of viable concierge models, and decide which of the five top models is right for you.

How do I start?

If you decide that concierge medicine may have potential for your medical group, it's time to start thinking about strategy and operations. Reference the six steps to help you asses your market, choose a valuable service offering, and evaluate operational impact.

Use our transition timeline, best practices, and legal notes to guide you through implementation.

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