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Strategic Program Development for Specialty Telehealth


Provider organizations recognize telehealth as a priority for driving accessible, efficient, and effective care delivery. Yet, the majority of hospitals and health systems have not initiated telehealth programs, particularly across specialty service lines.

This white paper details how to systematically develop, launch, and scale specialty telehealth programs across service lines.

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Solutions for systematically integrating telehealth in your organization

Much of the discrepancy between interest in and adoption of telehealth can be attributed to three main challenges in navigating the transition from a proof-of-concept pilot to a self-sustaining, operationally mature program.

First, program champions often overlook important market factors like consumer demand and reimbursement standards. Second, leaders rely too heavily on clinical champions to identify and pursue specialty applications. Third, programs designed and implemented in solos lead to duplication of efforts.

To overcome these hurdles, planners must provide program development support for service line leaders and clinical champions by following the tactics outlined below.

9 tactics to construct effective specialty telehealth programs

Endorse telehealth investments that strategically respond to market dynamics (p. 12)

1. Assess workforce shortages to quantify unmet demand for specialist access
2. Target consumer groups with a demonstrated need for virtual care delivery
3. Track coverage standards to gauge financial viability of telehealth investments

Establish a participatory, cohesive business development process (p. 16)

4. Define telehealth picklist to set guardrails for new service line proposals
5. Allocate staff time to planning, networking, and program launch activities
6. Leverage competitive forums to fuel new ideas and boost institutional awareness

Promote coordination and shared learning across telehealth programs (p. 22)

7. Stage program rollout based on workflow alignment to expedite adoption
8. Standardize process steps for program launch to hardwire best practices
9. Consider opportunities to scale programs beyond traditional market boundaries

Get a sample go-live checklist for a new telehealth program

On p. 26 of this white paper, you'll find a sample checklist to help you structure an efficient program design and implement it successfully.

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