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Benchmark Generator

Radiation Therapy Benchmark Generator

Explore the results from our 2016 national benchmarking survey on radiation therapy volumes, staffing, and operations.

Over 170 radiation therapy facilities provided data that we’re featuring in our interactive Benchmark Generator. This tool lets you slice and dice the data by various factors, including region, annual treatment starts, and type of institution, to compare your radiation therapy facility to your peers.

Sample metrics include distribution of radiation therapy treatments, full-time employees (FTEs) per radiation oncologist, daily radiation treatments per FTE, and total days to start of treatment.

All Oncology Roundtable members can use this tool to access the national results, while any organization that participated in the survey this year will have immediate access to a custom report.

Note: We postponed our planned 2020 update of these benchmarks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope to update the benchmarks as soon as we are able to collect data that won't be skewed by changes in service offerings and utilization related to the pandemic. In the meantime, we hope that the current benchmarks are still helpful as a general frame of reference.

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