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Ready-to-Use Slides

Digital health systems 101

Want research-based insights and the latest information on digital health systems for your next Board, Steering Committee, or stakeholder meeting? These ready-to-use presentations contain the Global eHealth Executive Council’s most popular slides on transforming care through digitisation.

Use one deck or a combination of the three to communicate key ways to establish system integration, digital transformation, and a pathway toward innovation at your organisation.

How to build a community of care
From silos to integrated systems

Use these slides to frame how to work better together as a system to advance your efforts for improved patient-centric, system-efficient care.

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Your guide to digital transformation
What you need to be doing now

Use these slides to educate your stakeholders on what they need to know about digital transformation, including the ten foundational competencies of digital health systems.

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Pathways to innovation

Use these slides to frame your conversation about how to innovate at scale, including what questions your organisation should be answering to get started.

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