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Payer trends impacting health system infusion services

About this Webinar

Outpatient infusion care is changing. Payer policies increasingly impact where patients can receive provider-administered medications and how providers are reimbursed for these medications. These policies threaten health system infusion revenues and raise questions about the health system’s role in providing infusion care.

This webinar will provide an overview of why and how payers are seeking to change infusion care. It will also walk through case studies from health systems that are seeking to push back on payer policies and prepare to manage infusions in different settings in order to ensure their ability to provide high-quality care for patients requiring provider-administered medications.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why payer policies are increasingly impacting infusion care within health systems
  • What options health systems have when facing payer sourcing requirements (i.e., white bagging) and site of care mandates
  • How some health system leaders have taken action to protect infusion services, manage infusions in different settings, and optimize site-of-care decisions

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