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IT Governance: Stopping the “Yes Machine”

The success of a CIO and the IT department hinges on the effectiveness of their governance process. But our surveys show that most organizations struggle with IT governance. Too often, non-IT leaders work around—rather than through—the governance process, or the governance “Yes Machine” approves more initiatives than can be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

This resource explores the steps health care organizations must take to overcome the challenges of the “Yes Machine” and move toward more agile governance.

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Steps Toward a More Agile IT Governance

1. Flow (p. 11-15)
Set an appropriate planning horizon, establish your capacity, and match your intake to your flow.

2. Align (p. 16-17)
Establish a rigorous communication process that focuses on common values and principles.

3. Navigate (p. 18-19)
Define clear goals and metrics. Track these metrics and adjust course as necessary.

4. Ascribe (p. 20-22)
Hold the right leaders accountable for outcomes and provide sponsors with clear role definition.

5. Include (p. 23-34)
Align your governance structure with organizational culture, adapt to new business models, and support digital innovation efforts.

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