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The U.S. Covid-19 vaccination scenario planning guide

The scientific community has never gone from genomic sequencing to vaccine approval as fast as it has with Covid-19. Now, health care leaders’ new challenge is to acquire the vaccines and roll out comprehensive vaccination programs that can help us achieve herd immunity. Fortunately, we can learn from past vaccination experiences and current expertise to proactively plan for the biggest likely hurdles to achieving that goal.

How to use this guide
We created this guide in collaboration with health system executives and internal experts to help leaders pressure test the comprehensiveness of their vaccination planning efforts. This document describes the 11 biggest hurdles—covering regional coordination, resource constraints, and public willingness to receive vaccinations—that experts foresee making vaccine rollouts more challenging. For each hurdle, we include a set of potential “blind spot” questions leaders may miss, which leaders can use to engage vaccine planning taskforces, partners, and other executives in identifying potential gaps in strategy. This information should be used as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, any guidance you receive from federal, state, or local officials.

What this guide does not include
This document focuses on ‘on-the-ground’ logistical and delivery hurdles that have a high likelihood of occurring, regardless of vaccine supply or approvals. It does not include potential drug-related hurdles pertaining to vaccine efficacy, child safety, complication rates, post-vaccination transmission rates, natural immunity longevity, or other vaccine specific factors.

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