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Six Levers to Build a Differentiated Organizational Culture

Hospitals and health systems have never been more committed to attracting, inspiring and retaining the talent they need. Yet, with limited resources and heightened competition for talent, leaders are increasingly asking what else can be done.

This research briefing explores one approach that can achieve all three objectives – building an intentionally differentiated culture that sets your organization apart from your competitors. Read this briefing to learn the strategies you’ll need to overcome common challenges associated with building a differentiated culture. Use the accompanying investment guide to help you assess your starting point and focus your efforts on the levers most likely to yield a return for your organization.

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The six levers culture champions can use to shift your culture:

  1. Deliberate Organizational Values
  2. Performance Management
  3. Leader Development
  4. Hiring
  5. Senior Leader Role Modeling
  6. Positive Peer Pressure

How to make the most of your investments in culture

Every organization’s culture is at a different starting point on the path to achieving a differentiated culture. Individual organizations will need to craft their own customized investment strategies. As you build your strategy, we recommend organizations follow two key investment principles:

Aim to reach the minimum threshold across all six levers. How will you know what minimum threshold is? Read this briefing to find out.

Download the Briefing

Choose only one or two of the six levers to invest heavily in. How will you know which levers to choose? Use our investment guide to assess your current strengths and identify which levers will yield the greatest ROI for your organization.

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Want more help on this topic?

The HR Advancement Center offers a number of ready-made resources to help you build a differentiated culture.

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Lever 04: Hiring

Lever 05: Senior Leader Role Modeling

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