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How to recognize your unconscious biases


Follow the prompts in this tool to understand dimensions of identity where you may hold privilege, uncover unconscious biases, and formulate action steps to create a more inclusive team environment. Use this tool to reflect on your own leadership behaviors. You may also share the tool with your team and set aside 10 minutes during a team meeting for employees to individually begin the exercise.

This tool was designed for managers to reflect on interactions with their team members, but most of the prompts can apply to interactions with patients, as well.

Time required

20 minutes

How To Use This Tool
  1. Step 1: Identify areas of privilege where you’re vulnerable to unconscious bias

    The table on page 5 of the PDF outlines which social groups tend to hold privilege and which groups tend to be marginalized along several dimensions of identity.

    How to use: For each row, note the social identities you claim. Notice where you belong to a privileged social group—these are areas where you are more likely to be prone to unconscious bias.

  2. Step 2: Identify unconscious biases that get in the way of team inclusion and belonging

    The table starting on page 6 of the PDF outlines several dimensions of identity, along with questions to identify
    unconscious biases. Consider these questions honestly and without judgment. Start with 1-2 identities where you are part of a privileged social group or where your team is diverse. Write down unconscious biases as you identify them.

  3. Step 3: Make a micro-shift in your management behavior to lead more inclusively

    Pick 1-3 of the unconscious biases you identified in part 2. Use the microshifts template on page 10 of the PDF to identify a small change you can make to mitigate
    this unconscious bias going forward and make your team environment more inclusive.


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