How to instill accountability for equity goals across your leadership team



Move from simply having equity-focused goals to embedding accountability for these goals across all leaders.

Intended users

Board of directors, CEO, DEI leader(s), CHRO, executive leaders

Time required

15 minutes to conduct audit


How to use this tool

Complete the audit on page 4 of the PDF to assess your organization’s progress. Then use pages 5 to 13 for detailed guidance on how to embed accountability for DEI goals across your leadership team.


Audit your progress

Use the questions below and on on page 4 of the PDF to assess where your organization stands. Progressive organizations instill accountability for DEI goals by performing well in all five of these areas. For any question to which you respond “No” or “Not sure,” refer to the corresponding page for detailed guidance on next steps.

  1. Do you balance process and outcome goals to assess progress on DEI priorities?

    Action step: Clearly communicate process and outcome goals that accurately reflect your strategic priorities in DEI.

  2. Do executive leaders have a shared DEI goal on their financial incentive plan?

    Action step: Select one or two goals from your DEI scorecard to elevate as a shared goal that all executives are responsible for advancing. Include these goals in executives’ compensation plans.

  3. Do you embed equity considerations into existing strategic priorities/goals?

    Action step: Embed equity considerations into the strategic priorities for which leaders are already responsible.

  4. Do you hold all leaders (down to frontline managers) accountable for DEI goals?

    Action step: Use a phased approach to cascade DEI goals, starting from the top.

  5. Do you go beyond performance goals to invest in culture change?

    Action step: Build a culture that fosters the understanding, clarity, and enthusiasm necessary to get everyone involved in meeting DEI goals.


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