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Health care transformation is redefining and expanding the role of technology. The rapid escalation of available data, changing business models, and shifting patient expectations have made digital health systems increasingly necessary. Becoming a digital health system is an ongoing journey, and requires a set of competencies that enable ongoing operational, strategic, and innovative change.

Where do you begin? Here we offer a collection of resources to help you better understand the digital health ecosystem, and steps you can take today to get started on your path toward building the health system of the future.


Stay on top of industry trends


Understanding digital health’s new normal—and preparing for its 'next normal
This webinar looks at where health care is at the beginning of 2021 in terms of long-awaited digital transformation. But the work isn't finished. This webinar also looks at the essential steps that our industry needs to take to use digital solutions to their fullest potential for improving outcomes, experience, and cost.

Digital Health Spotlight Series
Advisory Board is launching an ongoing webinar series for digital health companies to showcase their technology and provide strategic best practices for our members.

Priorities for health system technology leaders in 2021
We interviewed CIOs across the country to get a better sense of their main challenges, priorities, and goals going into 2021. Here’s what we learned from our conversations, and what’s top-of-mind for IT leaders.



Learn the fundamentals of a digital health system 


Health Care IT Cheat Sheets: Digital Health Systems
Our cheat sheets will get you up to speed on several new technologies and initiatives for providers undergoing digital transformation.

Digital Health System Foundational Competencies
Learn five imperatives for digital health systems and their ten accompanying foundational competencies that are traditionally under IT’s control or influence.

The Digital Health System Maturity Model
Download our infographic to learn the 12 dimensions by which to assess where your organization stands as a digital health system, versus where it wants to be in the future.

Digital Health Systems: Exponential and Disruptive Technologies
This resource highlights ten exponential and disruptive technologies, and provides some strategic next steps for IT leaders.

The How-to Guide to Digital Health Partnerships
This webinar covers trends in venture funding, evaluates the field of digital health startups, and provides lessons for how to create productive industry partnerships.

Three lessons on winning your next digital initiative
This infographic shows how to set an intentional digital strategy rooted in business objectives, establish avenues for partnership, and clearly define a governance process that promotes innovation.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Application programming interfaces (APIs) are standardized communication protocols used to share data across systems. This cheat sheet covers the basics of how APIs work.

Mobile initiatives maturity framework
This infographic presents a five-stage framework for judging the maturity of your internal mobile initiatives. In addition, we provide a checklist for you to start evaluating your program’s success.



Empower your digital health workforce


Storytelling for digital transformation
This infographic demonstrates how storytelling can be used to effectively communicate a vision across the organization and ultimately build excitement for a project and gain employee commitment.

Assemble the Digital Transformation Dream Team
This webinar provides tactics for IT leaders to cultivate the skills and resources to excel in digital transformation.

Prepare your IT workforce for digital transformation
Download our ready-to-use slides to get best practices on establishing IT workforce culture and engagement.



Improve the patient experience


Build Your Digital Front Door
From search, to scheduling, to care delivery, to follow up and support, learn in this webinar what services patients actually use and how to adapt existing systems and processes to deliver the digital experience patients want.

A Digital Strategy for Patient Engagement and Chronic Disease Management
This research briefing shows how an established digital strategy can improve the patient experience and reinforce adherence to healthy behaviors and medical regimens, resulting in more effective chronic disease and population health management.

7 worthwhile digital front door investments
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to building your digital front door. This infographic addresses how to prioritize your investments to serve your patients and your organization best.

Visualize your entire digital front door
This infographic shows a detailed breakdown of every digital consumer-facing access point along five stages of the typical patient journey.

How Providence Created a Unified and Deliberate Digital Strategy
Providence's digital innovation group built an intentional digital strategy focused on solving problems. The group works with the broader organization to create products consumers want rather than technology infrastructure.

Digital Inequity 101: Your guide to understanding digital disparities
This webinar provides an introduction to the elements of digital inequity and how to build towards interventions.



Use our digital health toolkits


Digital Health Systems 101: A presentation toolkit for IT leadership
Access a variety of ready-to-use presentations on transforming care through digitization from our Global eHealth Executive Council.

Digital Health Systems Discussion Map Exercise
Use this visual map and accompanying facilitation slides to support interactive discussions on building the health system of the future with your IT or leadership teams.

Checklist: Get Started on Your Digital Front Door
This checklist outlines the steps you must take to deliver an engaging and coherent digital patient experience.

Checklist: Get Started with Digital Innovation
This checklist will help you guide your organization's discussion on how to get started or advance your organization's digital innovation strategy.

Digital Strategy Planning Guide
This digital strategy planning guide helps you assess the maturity of your digital health strategy, determine your strengths and weaknesses, decide on next steps, and evaluate your ongoing performance.


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