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4 leaders (and 3 followers) in today’s digital health market


Conversations about disruption in health care often focus on digital health startups. But the influence of individual startups is relatively small compared to big industry players: vertically integrated organizations, big retail, health plans, and corporate venture capital. These players decide what ideas are worth scaling, who is valuable enough to get acquired, and what level of funding goes where. See how industry stakeholders use digital health and where they fit in the digital health market.


Insights on stakeholders leading in digital health

Our research uncovered four players (listed below) whose motivations, aims, and needs in the health care industry push them to lead in the digital health market. The section below discusses how these players are using digital health and their option for action going forward. The following section includes the players following in the market and what they might do next.

  • 1. Vertically assembled organizations
  • 2. Big retail
  • 3. Health plans
  • 4. Corporate venture capital

Who are the followers in digital health—and how should they respond?

The three groups listed below are responding to industry shifts toward digitally enabled health care—and are the “followers” in today’s digital health market. Provider organizations, life sciences manufacturers, and health care technology vendors benefit from the existing paradigm of care delivery and will likely shift their approach to digital health only to keep pace with the industry.

  • 1. Incumbent provider organizations
  • 2. Life sciences manufacturers
  • 3. Health care technology vendors

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