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How to Design an Effective Medical Group Organizational Structure

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As the role of the employed medical group continues to grow, leaders must take steps to make sure their leadership structure doesn’t become a blind spot. A strategically designed structure ensures execution of group strategy, bolsters communication between physicians and leaders, and eliminates bureaucracy in group decision-making.

This report outlines three characteristics of organizational structures at high-performing medical groups that align the goals of governance and management to execute group strategy.

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Sample Organizational Structure: Use this sample organizational structure as a guide to designing effective governance and management structures at your medical group. This document includes suggested reporting and governance structures and tips to consider during design and implementation.

Case Profiles: After reviewing the research report and sample structure, consult these deep dive case studies. The profiles provide insight on how three member organizations—a large multispecialty group, academic medical center, and service-line focused group—designed their organizational structures.

Profile of NorthShore Medical Group’s Organizational Structure

Read this case profile for insight on how a large medical group drives unified system strategy.  NorthShore Medical Group operates a highly matrixed reporting structure between their 1,000 physician multi-specialty medical group and the health system.

Profile of the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania’s Organizational Structure

The Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP)’s organizational structure profile is best for faculty practice plans and medical groups who emphasize physician leadership. It provides insight on how the group empowers department chairs and aligns the medical group, health system, and School of Medicine.

Profile of Roan Medical Group’s Organizational Structure

Read this case profile from Roan Medical Group (pseudonym) for insights on streamlining operations across service lines and geographic regions. Roan’s small medical group governance structure creates unity of strategy and allows them to drive system strategy. This profile also outlines changes the medical group has made to their organizational structure as they shift to value-based care.

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