Patient and Family Gratitude Profiler


The Patient and Family Gratitude Profiler is an interactive tool for philanthropy leaders to explore illuminating data from a nationwide survey of 1,965 health care users. In the survey, patients and family members described their care experiences, their gratitude for care, and their philanthropy engagement preferences.

Use this tool to understand:

  • Which types of patients are most—and least—likely to express gratitude following care
  • Which elements of the care experience, and which caregivers, create the most gratitude
  • Which types of engagement and outreach health care users prefer when considering a philanthropic gift

Access the tool

Review gratitude data from our national sample, or create custom cohorts to narrow in on a specific type of patient. With access to over 45 filters, a user can create multiple cohorts of respondents to simultaneously compare how affinity and engagement preferences change based on demographics and care characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is included in the survey data set?

The Patient and Family Member Gratitude Survey includes 1,965 adult health care users from across the US. To be included in the survey, respondents needed to have experienced a significant care experience in the last three years (or had a family member with the same criteria), have an annual household income of more than $75,000, and be 18 years of age or older.

Who should use the Patient and Family Gratitude Profiler?

We have designed the tool to help philanthropy leaders overseeing grateful patient programs improve their acquisition and cultivation strategies. However, anyone with Philanthropy Leadership Council membership can use the tool.

How was the survey conducted?

The survey was conducted online over a period of one week in December 2018.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please email us at

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