Instilling Frontline Accountability


Frontline accountability foundational to success

Recognizing that frontline nurses are vital to the success of any organizational goal, hospital leaders often seek to secure staff buy-in for individual initiatives through one-off campaigns. However, with the growing number of mission-critical priorities, organizations lack the time and resources to continue this approach.

Instead, institutions must instill frontline accountability to ensure staff are not only fully committed to providing excellent care to their patients but also feel individually accountable for the institution’s performance.

Strategies to instill frontline accountability

The Center recommends a three-part framework to instill frontline accountability:

  • Enhance frontline staff members’ line-of-sight between their discrete, day-to-day actions and the institution’s overall performance against key goals.
  • Create a culture of shared responsibility in which nurses feel individual responsibility for not only their own patients but all outcomes and goals.
  • Provide frontline staff with a personal stake in organizational performance.

By reading this study, members will learn:

  • Why pursuing individual, stand-alone campaigns to improve performance on key metrics will no longer deliver the desired level of nursing performance
  • Simple strategies for making performance data meaningful and actionable for frontline staff
  • Best practices for improving the frequency and effectiveness of peer-to-peer nurse feedback
  • Reward and recognition strategies that ensure frontline staff members remain motivated to achieve key organizational goals

Download the study

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