The recruiter's guide to hiring top talent

recruiter's guide

Demand for health care talent is high and the most qualified candidates are already employed. Potential applicants have more opportunities than ever before and technology has disrupted the recruiting process. To remain competitive, you need to take a candidate-centric approach.

This toolkit has 13 user-friendly tools that will help you make an outsized impact on the candidate experience—regardless of market conditions.

You don’t need to read this toolkit cover-to-cover. Instead, browse the table of contents and jump to the category where you have the most opportunity to improve the candidate experience.

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Four ways to create a candidate-centric recruiting experience

Streamline your application process

Starting with a candidate’s first visit to your careers page, the application process needs to be personalized and easy, so that candidates are compelled to apply. The tools in this section will help you make applying to your organization a no-brainer.

Tool 1: Careers Website Audit
Tool 2: Job Posting Audit for Hard-to-Fill Roles
Tool 3: Ready-to-Use "Quick Apply" Template
Editable template

Spot the right talent for your hiring managers

The working relationship you establish with your hiring manager is crucial to filling open positions efficiently and effectively. The tools in this section will help you develop a realistic candidate profile in collaboration with hiring managers.

Tool 4: Discussion Guide for First Conversation with a New Hiring Manager
Editable guide

Tool 5: Requisition Intake Discussion Guide
Editable guide

Tool 6: Service Level Agreement Template
Editable guide

Tool 7: Check-In on Open Positions
Editable guide

Tool 8: Job Shadowing Guide
Editable guide

Prepare hiring managers to sell top candidates on your organization

The final interview with top candidates is the hiring manager’s opportunity to “close the deal.” The tool in this section will ensure you equip managers to speak to top candidate’s priorities and sell them on the position.

Tool 9: Interviewer’s Cheat Sheet
Editable cheat sheet

Encourage passive talent to consider your organization as a future employer

Not all passive jobseekers have the same level of interest in your organization. That’s why you need multiple strategies to cast a wide net. The tools in this section will help you better leverage social media, tap into your employees’ networks, and engage with candidates that are willing to attend an event at your organization.

Tool 10: Social Media Recruiting Audit

Tool 11: Guide for Hosting No-Strings Professional Development
Editable email advertisement template

Tool 12: Employee Referral Audit
Tool 13: Two Options to Re-recruit Former Employees

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