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Ready-to-Use Slides

Ready-to-use slides on primary care transformation

Health systems are under pressure to transform the care they provide. Growth in patient complexity and cost, coupled with policy mandates and new funding opportunities, requires advanced patient management methods. Primary care is key to this transformation, but most practices are not set up for longitudinal patient management. PCPs are lacking, burned out, and don’t have the time or resources to accomplish nontraditional tasks needed to improve patient management.

Team-based primary care presents a solution. It diversifies the skill set to needed functions (e.g., behavioral health, care management, pharmacy, social support) and allows physicians to work at top of license. However, many population health and ambulatory care leaders struggle to make the case for such investment.

We’ve pulled together an argument for primary care transformation—with options to pitch integrated behavioral, care management, pharmacy, or non-clinical support—and compiled them in a ready-to-use slides format. Use the decks or insert select slides of your choice into your next presentation to your board, C-suite, or your team.

Please note: These materials are provided to help make the case for primary care transformation at your organization; any use of these slides outside of that goal must be cleared by Advisory Board. If you are interested in obtaining permission, please contact your account manager.

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