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On-demand Webinars for Health Plans


See below for a curated list of our most popular on-demand webinars for health plan leaders. The webinars are grouped into Member Engagement, Network Management, and Product Design topics. Plans often enjoy using this resource directory to train new plan employees, especially those from other industries.


Market trends

Health Insurance 101 webinar series


  • Part 1: An Overview of Health Plans
    An overview of the fundamentals of health plan strategy and operations, major legislation impacting plans, and more.
  • Part 2: Medicare Advantage
    Learn about the biggest features of Medicare Advantage, as well as the challenges facing the organizations that administer Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Part 3: Medicaid Managed Care
    Learn more about Medicaid, which covers roughly one out of every six Americans, and discover the key features and challenges of managed Medicaid plans.
  • Part 4: Commercial Insurance
    Join us for a high-level overview of employer-sponsored health insurance, individual private insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and the purchasers of commercial insurance.

Stay Up to Date
Join Ford Koles and Christopher Kerns for a weekly discussion on health care's biggest topics across the industry.

[Series] What health plan leaders need to know for 2021
Join our webinar series on 1) Encouraging preferred primary care access behavior, 2) Structuring future telehealth reimbursement, 3) Supporting preferred network partners in distress, and 4) Organizing the growing array of non-traditional services.

2021 Service Line Market Trends
Tune into our market trends webinar series to learn about the most important trends affecting each service line (Women’s services, stroke, general surgery, imaging, neurosciences, oncology, orthopedics, and cardiovascular).


Member Engagement

The Financial Case for a Frictionless Experience
Learn how to prioritize experience improvement investments.

How to Leverage Partner Relationships for Identification
In Part 1 of the series, we'll share tactics for partnering with community organizations and providers to close persistent gaps in member data.

How to Accelerate Data Within the Plan
In Part 2 of the series, we'll share tactics for streamlining how members share data with the plan and how plans can more quickly use the data they already have.

When Should Plans Guarantee Seamless Navigation to Care?
Learn how to address the care navigation challenges that most frequently lead to unnecessary, avoidable medical spending—and simultaneously drive a poor member experience.

New Competitive Threats from Engagement Disruptors
Watch this on-demand webconference to learn what members want from their plan interactions and examples of how disruptors are already offering these service attributes to increase member engagement.


Network management

Innovative players in care delivery competition: payer networks
This webinar discusses disruption from shifts in employer and private payer networks, including the growth of Centers of Excellence and approaches used by new health plan start-ups.

How physician practices are thinking about acquisition in today’s financial landscape
Join us for a facilitated discussion with our experts to better understand how these decisions are unfolding for different types of physician groups, and the factors they’re evaluating in potential partners, and what that might mean for the ecosystem of provider networks system.

How to Drive Provider Success in Value-Based Contracts
Learn how plans can selectively delegate population management responsibilities to bolster risk contracting success.

Attainable Roles for Clinicians in Managing Drug Costs
Learn about the resources clinicians need from plans to prescribe low-cost drugs.

How Health Plans Can Improve Behavioral Health Access
Join us for a discussion about the ways health plans are enabling broader PCP participation and encouraging greater investment in behavioral health care network capacity.

The Future of Primary Care
How segmentation, technology, and competition are reshaping the front door of the delivery system.


Product Design

How Covid-19 has changed consumer virtual visit utilization and preferences
See how virtual visit utilization and preferences have changed over time based on consumer survey data collected this summer.

2019 Individual Market Growth Outlook
Learn how health plans are altering provider networks to attract ACA enrollees.

2019 Medicare Advantage Growth Outlook
Learn how health plans are using supplemental benefits to attract Medicare Advantage enrollees.

How to address root causes of social determinants of health
Join this interactive webconference to understand the roles providers can play in addressing the social determinants of health—and their root causes.

Individual market outlook
We will cover the 2020 trends you need to know for ACA exchange members including a market financial snapshot, product design trends, details on today's shopping experience, and retention strategies.

Population Health 101 Series

  • Health Equity 101
    Join this webconference to understand the case for investments and steps for identifying community and patient need.
  • Social Determinants of Health 101
    Join this webconference to understand the impact of social determinants on health outcomes and health systems and review best practice case studies for addressing each of the major social determinants.
  • Care Management 101
    Join us for an introductory review of the five key attributes of effective care management organizations—from patient recruitment to graduation.

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