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The New Age of Health Plan Marketing

Consumer surveys frequently rank health plan experiences toward the bottom of the pack when compared to other industry sectors. This challenging fact highlights that health plans struggle to communicate value to consumers and create experiences customers love. Leaders in other industries have been faced with similar consumerism hurdles and managed to transform not only their business, but their industry, in the eyes of consumers.

We chose three highly regulated industry sectors with high market saturation in the United States to extrapolate best practices from. Similar to health insurance, these products have become near commodities, driven by mass consolidation and fierce price competition. But despite these pressures, some brands have found ways to not only survive, but grow, through disrupting their own industries.

Read on to learn best practices we've extrapolated from the following industries and how health plans can utilize similar tactics to improve their members' experience:

  1. Wireless communications providers
  2. Grocery stores
  3. Financial services companies
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