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Imaging Productivity and Efficiency Benchmarks

NOTICE: Please note that the Imaging Productivity and Efficiency Benchmark Generator is from 2018. We are currently evaluating when the best time is to re-survey imaging leaders for this tool in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that updating this tool with 2020 or 2021 benchmarks would result in statistically anomalous data. In the meantime, you may find our resources on Three strategies to maximize imaging staffing efficiency and Imaging Capacity Modeling to be useful.

Health system consolidation, regulatory changes, and reimbursement cuts are putting pressure on imaging margins. One way to ensure quality and consistency while also controlling cost is to improve productivity and optimize resources.

Explore the results of our 2017 imaging benchmarking survey to see how your facility performs against a custom cohort based on number of scanners, region, trauma designation or operating hours.

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FAQ: Getting started with the Imaging Productivity and Efficiency Benchmarking Tool

Who should use this tool?
We designed the Imaging Productivity and Efficiency Benchmarking Tool to help imaging leaders, health system directors, and strategists compare their productivity and efficiency performance against their peers. However anyone with an Imaging Performance Partnership membership can access these benchmarks.

How do I use the tool?
To start, click on the corresponding red button above, which will bring you to the tool’s homepage. Then, click “Walkthrough” at the top of the homepage for an in-depth tour of the tool. Next, choose metrics from the left panel to compare your facility to national benchmarks.

Incorporate additional customization by clicking "Modify Cohort" at the top of the navigation bar, where you can select data from facilities that are most like yours.

If you wish to compare our recent benchmarks to past data, we included our 2016 benchmarks at the bottom of this page. To access the 2016 benchmarks, scroll down and click the corresponding red buttons below.

Who is included in the national cohort?
The benchmarking survey collected data from over 120 organizations representing 192 facilities. This cohort includes a wide variety of facility types including teaching hospitals, academic medical centers, community hospitals, critical access hospitals, outpatient imaging facilities and children’s hospital. The number of respondents differ for each metric based on the response rate for that question.

Don’t forget that you can cut your cohort to organizations that closely resemble your own using the “Modify Cohort” button at the top of the navigation bar.

How is the data calculated?
We used the data collected through the survey to calculate benchmarks in deciles. For example, if the survey asks for the “radiology department’s average time in minutes from order to scan complete for calendar year 2016,” our benchmark generator takes these averages and displays them in deciles, the 50th percentile being the median percentile performance for the selected cohort and exam type.

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