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Responding to Imaging Steerage

As health care costs continue a steep climb, health care purchasers are looking for ways to save. As a result, steerage is emerging as a key purchaser strategy.

Payer steerage is not a new concept. However, many employers have begun to feel that their best strategy for containing costs – high-deductible health plans – has not proven sufficiently effective. As a result, payers – as well as other entities – are stepping in to aggressively direct patients toward lower-cost sites. Outpatient imaging services – which tend to be non-emergent, available at a variety of outpatient facilities, and often perceived as generally uniform in quality despite significant variation in price – are a prime target for steerage.

Market Steerage

Our team has conducted in-depth interviews with imaging providers who've faced steerage in their market and chosen a response that enabled them to protect volumes and margins. The ready-to-use presentation below offers case studies that illustrate four key strategies for responding to steerage.

Download the slides - ready with talking points - to present to your team and executives as you work to formulate a steerage response strategy.

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